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Welcome to the official website for Tina & Sebastian's Workshop.  This
site is designed to introduce you to our Clinical Prep Workshop.  We are
the instructors and organizers for the workshop.  Both Sebastian and I
join forces each month and contribute our time to bring you a very intense
workshop.  I am an Excelsior graduate myself.  I was a college instructor
for a number of years and taught health sciences, microbiology, human
sexuality, among other courses at 3 colleges before I even enrolled in
Excelsior and after graduating, we started Clinical workshops to help other
students prepare for their clinical exam.  As an excelsior student I myself
have triumphed over this cumbersome test.  Now, it is YOUR turn to
triumph over this test and I believe I can help.  

CPNE is an EXPENSIVE exam and you want to
be FULLY prepared before you take it!

1st Attempt                      2nd Attempt                    3rd Attempt
$ 1900                                $ 1900                               $ 1900
$   300 (Airfare)                $  300 (Airfare)                $  300 (Airfare)
$   250 (Hotel +)               $  250 (Hotel +)                $  250 (Hotel +)
$ 2500 +                            $ 2500 +                             $ 2500 +

Can you afford to take the CPNE multiple times??
Do you want to go an exam (with high failure rate) without preparation??
Can you afford not to take the most comprehensive CPNE training out
Can you afford not to take what is considered the BEST CPNE preparation
workshop out there, that has been the longest running (> 6 yrs)??
Can you afford to take the workshop from someone else who has not had
the extensive college teaching experience or is not an EC grad??
Can you afford not to hear about all aspects of this exam including
assessments, managements, vitals etc.. when so many students are being
failed for simple assessments and vitals each week??

other workshops out there, this workshop is the
in terms of how much
practice and critique it allows over 5 days.  We go over all the
elements of the test.  We want to make sure you have the FULL
picture what this test is about, and not only a part of it.  At our
workshop, ALL of the CPNE content, just like your success, is
NEVER optional but a REQUIREMENT.  We give you crucial
information on all areas of care so you can avoid the pitfalls that
stand in your way.   

This workshop will help prepare you for the 3 day clinical exam,
one of the last requirements of your nursing program.  The exam
is currently being held only in Wisconsin, Ohio, New York,
Texas, and Georgia.
 But my Workshop, which is held ONLY in
San Jose California
, provides comprehensive training and helps
you attain skills and confidence to pass your Clinical Exam on
the very first try.  This workshop will instill confidence in you.  
Some students who may not have extensive clinical skills are
sometimes doubtful whether they will pass the exam or not.  
Other students who have had years of clinical experience as
LVNs also start feeling insecure while considering the low 61%
passing rate for the clinical exam.  Most of the students going on
to take their clinical exam are LVNs so why such a low pass
rate?  Yes, working in a clinical setting can give you some
advantage in that you know what to expect during the clinical
exam.  But it may also introduce you to some bad habits or
shortcuts or even make you over confident about your skills that
you may not even take time to look at the critical elements
required for the clinical exam by the college.  We teach students
the most practical and straightforward way to tackle and master
the information.  I passed every component of the exam on the
very first try and now teach students how to do the same.  This
is a very doable test and we know that you will succeed once
you set your mind to it.  This Clinical Prep Workshop will provide
you with direction and guidance so you can begin your
journey… a journey of Nursing success…

Godspeed Future Registered Nurses!

Click on each item on the navigation bar on top left to see
pictures, testimonials, discussion and other resources and
SCHEDULE of future classes.  Also click on CPNE Workshop to
view lecture outline for each of the 5 days!!!

Suggestions on initiating study

Contact us as soon as you start your preparation.  Read the study guide supplied
by the college twice especially Section IV but don't memorize anything.  This guide
is the gospel of the exam and you will need to utilize information from this guide to
defend yourself and your actions during the exam.  Now, you have a general idea
of what the clinical exam is about.  Now, start reading the study packet we will
send you and memorize mnemonics.  Utilize the mnemonics to practice areas of
care even prior to the workshop.  Also buy the Excelsior skills bag and
getting familiar with the equipment
you will be tested on during the labs and start
practicing some of the steps for the labs.  
Look at the details in the study packet I
send and commit to memory the lab steps and lab mnemonics and EXPERIMENT
with the equipment ATLEAST, ESPECIALLY if you are not familiar with any of the
items and get comfortable.  Although we will demo all the labs in class on the first
day of the class, a little advance preparation will decrease any of your
Now you are ready to take the workshop.  We recommend that you
take the workshop a minimum of 4-6 weeks prior to your exam date but some
students have even benefited from intense practice and information when they
took the workshop very close to their test date
while others who are stressing with
test dates 4 weeks or closer have wished that they had taken the workshop weeks
ago and had ample time to practice.  It is also crucial for us to tell you at this point
that once you have attended an initial workshop, you are welcome to come back
and attend again closer to your test date for a discounted fee.  We cannot
accommodate all return students so ADVANCE registration is REQUIRED.

After this workshop, IF additional financial resources are available, take the
Excelsior College CPNE Workshop 2-3 weeks prior to the test date, and save last
minute questions from actual college advisors and get the much needed
confirmation whether you are doing everything right, from past examiners
themselves.  We also give my support throughout this process and answer any
questions you have and clarify everything for you and continue my support
throughout the test weekend. During your study, you can post the questions in the
study group in "Discussion".  During the test weekend, you can even call us for
additional support.

There are other workshops out there.  I attended 3 workshops before I took my
Clinical Exam.  I attended the Excelsior one, the Utah bootcamp (closed now) and
the West Med (they don't offer clinical help anymore).  Out of the ones that are out
there offering clinical workshops right now, I have only attended the Excelsior
College one and I completely support attending it.  There are  other workshops that
are currently being offered by other sources.  According to students who have
taken multiple workshops, this (CHE or Tina and Sebastian's) workshop is THE
most comprehensive workshop out there out of ALL of them.  

It is worth mentioning that the workshop is only 5 days long and it is impossible to
cover some of the MOST BASIC clinical skills such as repositioning etc.  We
recommend resources in the study packet that we mail to you and we urge
students with limited clinical experience to buy these materials and go through
them BEFORE the workshop.  We also urge students with limited hospital
experience to look into a CNA class where you will be forced to practice vital signs
and other basic skills

For further information, please contact:
Tina      PO Box 730203, San Jose, CA 95122
e-mail:          cheducation1@gmail.com
Phone:         (408) 836-6508
Address:                    Classes held in San Jose, CA

Tina & Sebastian,

What can I say that doesn't sound like I am hyping your CPNE Prep classes too
much? The fact is that I AM HYPING your CPNE Prep classes as the best in the
business. I have attended other preparation classes and they did not even compare
with yours. The supplies and equipment in the lab were first rate and we had
much more then any other prep class that I have attended. The course work was
intense, and the amount of time that you devoted to each of us as an individual
was fantastic. In my case, I had waited so long for a test date that my confidence
was lacking. You, Tina gave me a "can do" attitude and with the wonderful class
instruction, I had the skills I needed to pass the CPNE on May 27,28, and 29, 2005.
What I can say is, that if I were in this position again, I would recommend that
students do not waste their money on any other preparation class. You offer small
classes, intense instruction, individualized assistance, and teach what one needs
to know in order to be successful. Not only do you offer this fantastic class, but
you offer yourself and provide us with the energies needed to combat our self-
doubts and to believe in our abilities to perform.You have been there yourself and
realize how stressful this CPNE really is.

Tina, you can relate and are very empathetic, and you give of yourself.  For the
readers that do read this site and my posting, I have nothing to gain by suggesting
that you attend CHEducation'ie: Tina and Sebastian's preparation classes. I have
no hidden agenda and only want to see others be successful because I know how
very, very devastating failure can be. In summation, if you want to succeed at this
enroll with Tina. God Bless!
               From Connie,  ( Dmacwha@aol.com )
Absolutely THE Best CPNE Prep out there!!!!
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According to students who have attended multiple workshops!!!!